Apparently, Camila Mendes Plucks Her Eyebrows Every Single Day

There’s a lot to love about Camila Mendes. She’s carved out quite career for herself since her big break—you, of course, know her from her iconic turn as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale—and she’s adding “movie star” to her resume now thanks to Netflix’s latest hit, Do Revenge, which debuted just last week. 

Not to mention, her red carpet looks are always on point, especially as of late, and she has some of the most enviable brows in Hollywood. Mendes exclusively opened up to InStyle about her latest project, letting fans in on her beauty secret to those perfect brows. 

“It’s just genetics, I’ve got to say. I was born with a unibrow that I was trying to get rid of my entire life,” Mendes told InStyle. She says her naturally thick brows are actually quite difficult to upkeep — and admits to plucking them every single day.


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Mendes continued, “Every day that I go to hair and makeup, I have to sit in front of a mirror with a pair of tweezers and pluck. Every day. 

There’s not a single day that I don’t.” She adds that there’s a “downside to having full eyebrows,” as they require a bit more TLC to get them to look how she wants. 

This tracks, considering when we last spoke with Jen Tioseco—Mendes’s go-to makeup artist—there were surprisingly few details on how the artist achieved her signature arched brows for the Do Revenge premiere, especially since the actress’s brows were (and honestly, always are) so full and well-manicured. 

Knowing what we know now, however, she likely took matters into her own hands. Along with perfectly manicured brows, Mendes walked the red carpet in a lime green Versace set (fun), paired with a 90’s soft grunge beat (also fun). 

Tioseco mentioned to Byrdie exclusively that she used all Giorgio Armani Beauty products, including a brown blush, frosty-white cream shadow, and a dark ‘90s lip to create a dramatic yet subtle makeup look to complement Mendes’s outfit.

Of course, daily eyebrow plucking won’t work for everyone (take note from those still suffering the consequences from their ‘90s plucking rituals), but there *are* ways to enhance your natural brow hairs for a fuller Camila Mendes-like effect. 

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes recently recommended to Byrdie readers to use an eyebrow pen to create lines that mimic natural lash hairs. And if you’re looking for a more permanent way to achieve covetable brows, tinting always helps.