Chic and Confident Makeup Looks for the Office

When it comes to professional makeup, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Makeup should be all about enhancing your appearance, boosting your self-confidence, and standing out in the crowd for all the right reasons, and that includes when you’re at work. 

Even if you’re in an industry that requires a softer or more demure look, you can still experiment with work makeup. 

If you’re concerned about overdoing it, don’t be: Low-key work makeup is totally achievable, as long as you’re willing to keep an open mind as you discover the products and techniques that work best for your needs. 

A little bit of inspiration can go a long way, which is why we’ve selected some of the best natural celebrity makeup looks. 

From Kim Kardashian’s effortless take on bronze glam to Zendaya’s graphic eyeliner, there’s something for every makeup lover who wants to make a statement while still keeping things simple. 

Plus, we’ve asked a few of our favorite makeup artists to provide some tips on how to get each look. Keep reading to get all the work makeup inspiration you need, full of soft glamour worthy of dressing for the job you want.


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Neutral Glow

We love J.Lo’s fresh skin and earthy, subtly shimmery eyeshadow tones. ‘’Get the look by applying a cool gray eyeliner to the lower waterline. 

Use a gray shimmer eyeshadow all around the eye and a brown eyeshadow in the crease,’’ says makeup artist and cosmetologist Ariana Rose. 

She recommends keeping skin fresh with a satin finish, as well as staying away from any shimmery highlighters so as not to overdo it. For lips and cheeks, choose light, peachy-nude tones. 

‘’For lash wearers, I’d recommend doubling up on wispy lashes or opting for individual lashes and layering them from the outer to the inner corner,’’ Rose advises.

Glossy Glamour

We’re obsessed with Saweetie’s fresh-faced approach to natural glam, which provides some stunning work makeup inspiration. This look is all about the winged liner, matte skin, and lashes. 

‘’Choose a neutral shimmer gloss, matte skin, contour, and apply a neutral blush,’’ Rose says. To make your lashes pop, amp up the mascara or choose a double-layer mink eyelash. 

Rose recommends applying winged liner and opting for a soft shimmer eyeshadow for your eyelids and inner corners.

About this Item

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Skin First

Lizzo’s take on natural makeup is all about the skin. Matte skin is always in, and the singer has kept it simple by using similar tones on her cheeks and lips. 

We recommend using a chocolate lip liner and a rose-colored gloss with little to no shimmer. 

To achieve Lizzo’s smokey eye, Rose recommends using tape to apply the eyeshadow first so you can clean up any excess product with a makeup wipe as you create a smoky brown, winged eye. 

As for the lashes, Rose suggests keeping them natural and longer on the outer corner.

Smoky Radiance

Even when Normani opts for minimal makeup, her skin always has a radiant glow. We recommend choosing a foundation with a satin finish, then applying a soft contour. 

‘’For the eyes, a satin cool brown eyeshadow would be perfect for creating this shape,’’ Rose says. 

‘’The easiest way to do this is to look straight in the mirror and start from the outer corner of the eye, creating a line towards your temple.’’ 

If you want to make your eyes subtly pop, finish off the look with a yellow-gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye and some mascara.

Classic Red

The best part of Selena Gomez’s look is her glowing skin, though we’re also partial to her defined brows and that perfect red lip. 

To achieve this look, keep your makeup fresh with a soft pink cheek and a bold lipstick shade. 

Rose recommends using a lip liner before applying lipstick. ‘’Choose a magenta red lipstick with a shine to it,’’ she adds.

Bold Basics

Nobody does eye makeup quite like Adele—but you’ll find her signature winged liner is easier to recreate than you’d think with the right technique. 

To achieve this bold look, Rose recommends using a cream or gel eyeliner with a brush. ‘’Instead of starting in the outer corner to create the wing, start at the lower lash line and extend the liner past your inner corner,’’ she adds. 

For the lids, we recommend using a matte, soft white shadow. To help with the creation of the shape, remember to prime your eyes beforehand. 

‘’To take the eyeshadow further, connect the brown crease color into your brow and nose contour,’’ says Rose. To keep this look work-friendly, we suggest choosing matte shades for the whole face.

Subtle Glitter

Hailey Bieber’s makeup look is perfect for days when you have after-work plans. This look is all about the bold lip, subtle glitter shadow, and fluffy brows. 

To achieve it, Rose recommends using a minimal amount of product. ‘’Choose a soft pink cream blush and fluff your eyebrows with a brow gel,’’ she adds. 

On days when you don’t feel like reaching for the glitter, this look can still turn heads with a well-blended eyeshadow. 

All you need to do is blend a little bit around the eye area. For the lips, Rose suggests choosing a satin-finish burgundy lipstick, along with a lip liner in the same color.

Striking Smolder

As the brain behind one of the most iconic makeup brands of our time, Rihanna is always ready to deliver sassy and striking makeup looks. 

According to makeup artist Amy Barrington, this look is all about the smokey eye. ‘’When applying a smokey eye, I like to use a black kohl pencil like Urban Decay’s 24-7 Glide On Eye Pencil ($22) to get the shape, and then blend. 

Bobbi Brown’s Eye Blender Brush is perfect for softening any harsh lines or edges,’’ she says. As for that beautiful lip combo, MUA Danielle Aleshea Mason recommends using Morphe’s Color Pencil ($5) in the shade Coffee & Kissy.